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Our hours of operation over the coming holiday season have recently been changed. Please visit the Holiday Schedule to view our updated hours.

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Attention PADLS New Bolton Center (PADLS-NBC) clients:

Until further notice, the PADLS-NBC Mammalian Pathology Service will be limiting the number of outside autopsy submissions due to an immediate staffing shortage. This change will not impact avian submissions, rabies testing, biopsy submissions, or field autopsy (fixed tissue) submissions. Case turnaround time may also be delayed during this period, so please contact us directly regarding any urgent submissions. We regret this inconvenience and will send an update when we are able to return to routine operations.

The following policies will be effective immediately:

  • All mammalian autopsy submissions require a call-ahead and pathologist pre-approval prior to arrival on the NBC campus. Priority will be given to large animal/food animal submissions and cases with infectious disease concerns/herd health implications.
    • During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm), please call (610) 925-6232
    • Outside of business hours, please call (610) 444-5800 and ask for the on-call pathologist
  • Forensic/Legal type cases will not be accepted, with few exceptions
  • Out-of-state submissions will be deferred to in-state diagnostic laboratories*, with few exceptions
Alternative options for autopsy services include:

Thank you for your patience during this time.

SARS CoV-2 Sampling Protocol for PVL:

With continued evolving situation, preauthorization for SARS-CoV-2 testing of animals is no longer required but the specimen must be submitted through a veterinary clinic following our collection and shipping guidelines. Please call the lab to discuss submission @717-787-8808

Licensed veterinarian:
  • Submit a nasal swab (preferred) and oropharyngeal (or oral) swab in 1-3 mL of Brain Heart Infusion (BHI) broth or Viral Transport Medium (VTM). It is acceptable to discard approximately half of the BHI if provided with 5.5 mL tubes of BHI to obtain the proper amount of BHI broth in the tube. Rectal swab/feces can also be submitted but are not preferred specimens.
  • Use synthetic (dacron or rayon) tipped, plastic shaft swabs. Do NOT use calcium-alginate, cotton tipped or wooden shaft swabs. Swabs submitted in collection media with gel are not acceptable.
  • Package specimens as directed by IATA shipping guidelines as for any other diagnostic specimen. Ship specimens overnight on iced gel pack with a completed General PADLS submission form, available at Freeze specimens prior to shipping if they will not reach the lab within 48 hours of collection.
  • Testing fee at PVL is currently $50/specimen unless waived with prior authorization.

Samples may be shipped by the licensed veterinarian using whatever overnight shipment or courier service they prefer to get them to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Lab (2305 N. Cameron St. Harrisburg, PA 17110). Do not use priority mail.

With the current mail and postal issues, we are encouraging adoption of electronic submissions for EIA testing. PVL now offers a total of 4 different Coggins submission/reporting methods and 3 of them are electronic:

  1. VS Form 10-11 (dated FEB 2018 or later) - hardcopy results are currently mailed via USPS
  2. PALIMS Mobile App - along with the PADLS Online Portal, this electronic option provides faster access to results – No Fees
  3. GlobalVetLink - web-based electronic system; fast access to results- Fee-based service
  4. VSPS - USDA's web-based electronic system; fast access to results - No Fees USDA APHIS | Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS)

With current postal delays, we are temporarily advising, especially for “urgent” or “rush” cases, that those samples where possible are either hand delivered or sent via an overnight courier service with a guaranteed sample delivery at the laboratory.

PADLS Announces Updated Mobile App

The PADLS labs have announced the release of their new updated mobile app. The mobile app can be used by USDA Level 2 accredited veterinarians to submit EIA/Coggins test requests to the PADLS lab system. The updated Mobile App meets the requirements implemented with the USDA's recently released guidance for EIA testing. For veterinarians who have previously used the USALIMS Mobile App, you will need to download the new app onto your Android or iOS device. The app can be found in your app store by searching for "PA LIMS Mobile App". For veterinarians who have not previously used the mobile app, but would like to start using it, you can visit
to view the PALIMS Mobile App User Guide which contains instructions on signing up for an account.

Amid Universities Moving Remote for COVID-19, Pennsylvania’s Animal Laboratory System Remains Open

To read the official announcement, see

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Please join us for the "Emerging Animal Infectious Disease Conference" hosted by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences from March 23-25, 2020.

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NOTICE: The USDA has published new guidance for laboratories testing for EIA/Coggins that will go into effect on April 15, 2020. Veterinarians submitting specimens for EIA/Coggins testing must comply by the new guidance, or their specimens can not be tested. There is a new revision of the VS-10-11 submission form that must be used. For details on the new form and instructions for filling it out, please click the following link:
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