A message from the Secretary

Dear fellow agriculturalists,
The safety of our nation’s food supply starts with healthy livestock. As the home of nearly $4.8 billion in sales of livestock and livestock products in 2013, Pennsylvania places animal health as a top priority for the safety of consumers who depend on a secure food supply and the nutrient-dense meals that livestock-based foods – from animals grown in Pennsylvania – offer. Pennsylvania’s reputation for quality secures our agriculture industry as a leading economic driver in the state.
Our Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System (PADLS) is key to the continued strength of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry. It employs the regulatory authority of the state in the Department of Agriculture’s charge to encourage, protect, and promote agriculture. It also features unique expertise from two of Pennsylvania’s largest agricultural schools, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State).

PADLS is home to nationally-respected scientists and well-qualified technicians across three state-of-the-art facilities accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians. From the Biosecurity Level 3-Certified Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory to the virology diagnostics of Penn State’s Animal Diagnostic Laboratory and the toxicology laboratory of UPenn’s New Bolton Center, each facility has its own story to tell. And they share a common bond – they come together to work for you.
As a former dairy farmer, I know how important it can be to get intelligent results fast from necropsies, blood samples, fecal samples and more. You’ve come to the system that can help you quickly find the answers so you can take appropriate action for your operation or best advise your clients. To assist our employees, ensure testable samples and most accurate results, and observe the utmost safety from farm to lab, I urge you to carefully follow the submission guidelines outlined in this guide. Thank you for choosing PADLS. More importantly, thank you for your service in Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry. You’re meeting the challenges as we seek opportunities to increase productivity, decrease inputs, and lessen our environmental impact, all while feeding a growing population.

Thank you for your commitment to Pennsylvania agriculture.

Russell C. Redding